Decorating in Living Rooms

The living room is the social center of the house. It is where guests are invited to sit and enjoy your company, where families gather to watch movies, and where connections are made. It is vital that this area is conducive to social interaction. You don’t want decorative efforts and organizational chaos to get in the way of making friends and having fun do you?

The first thing to look at is seating. In a living room you should try to create a seating arrangement which forces people to look at one another. You want to encourage interaction. If all of the chairs are pointed at some arbitrary object such as a television, you may end up with a bunch of zombies staring blankly at a wall. By having seating which encourages people to look at one another, the room itself with subtly draw out conversation and interaction.

If you choose to have a coffee table within this space, it is important that you choose one which fits the size of the room. Flow is important, and you want people to be able to move easily in and out of the area. You have to be careful not to pick a coffee table that is too big for the space, or you can end up with a congested environment that destroys flow and prevents the room from being comfortable.

The major interior accessories are the most important pieces in the room, but once they are in place, you can start decorating. Again, you don’t want to over do this, as clutter will make the room feel congested and chaotic. Instead you should strive to find a healthy balance between decorative touches, and empty space, in order to create an environment which is comfortable for everyone.

The walls are one major area to focus on, as they act like the canvases of the space. These are the spaces where your allowed to create your decorative designs, unhindered by the needs of floor space. Hang pictures, posters, portraits, or any other decorative P word you can find. Artistic metal working, thatch, whicker, there are a variety of pieces which you can find to touch up your home.

Decorating a living room is about finding a balance between order and chaos, clutter and space. By maintaining a healthy center, you should be able to create a room which encourages interaction and connections between all of your friends and family.