Candle Making Recipes – Beeswax Candles For Beginners

Beginner Candle Making Instructions

Store candles can be costly. When the candle is decorative, stylish, colorful, or scented, the price tags go up. Let us save some money and do it ourselves! Maybe you always wanted to create your very own candles but just didn’t know how to start.

How about starting by trying out the recipes below for candle making? You will be surprised on how little it will cost.

Balloon Candle Making Recipes

Follow this recipe and it will assist you in creating one of the simplest candles available. 3 items are all that is needed to make this balloon candle!

The steps are simple and easy:

* Fill up the balloon with water (you heard right – water).

* Close of the top of the balloon.

* You can use a double-boiler, electric skillet or sauce pan to melt the wax in (use an old skillet or sauce pan).

* Keep the temperature between 165 to 185 until the wax is fully melted.

* Allow the wax to cool until it is almost firm.

* Put water balloon into wax, pull it out quickly, leave it and let the layer of wax cool.

* Dip the balloon and cool the wax repeatedly until you have approximately 1 cm thick of wax surrounding the balloon.

* Pop the balloon and take it out from the center of the candle.

* Pour warm wax slowly inside the balloon shell and roll the shell around constantly until the interior is full.

* Place the wick in the center and pour in the final warm wax so it will surround the wick .

* Wait for the wax to cool to support wick before you release it.

Beeswax Candle Making Recipes

Now, you thought that was easy?

Check out this recipe and make beeswax candles! The following supplies are all you need: 1 cotton wick, 1 sheet of beeswax, and 1 pair of sheers. Instructions? It’ll be easy!

* Spool the edge of the beeswax around the cotton wick to seal it into place. The heat from your hands will assist in seaming the wax candle by softening the wax.

* Make sure the candle wax is straight and tight as you follow through and roll it slowly.

* The heat of your fingertips will help you bond the edge of your wax candle when you reach the end of you sheet.

* Cut off the bottom part of the cotton wick, while cutting the top part of the wick to about a quarter of an inch in length.

You will soon master the art of making beautiful candles with a little practice and these short and sweet candle making recipes!

You will have fun making beeswax candles with your kids.