An Easy Candle Making Craft

Craft projects can be great family fun. Candle making crafts are a particularly good choice. If you’d like to try your hand on a wax project, here’s a good one I found at: candle making crafts

The only materials you’ll need are: pine cones, wick or a cotton string, and wax.

Gathering the pinecones will get you outdoors in nature. If you don’t have any pine trees of your own, let you find what you need.

One of the good things about this project is even if you don’t regularly make candles you can use the remnants of candles you buy for this project. I suggest using plain old paraffin to make the fire starters. Soy wax is likely to be too soft and sticky at room temperature to be successful in this application. I certainly wouldn’t use beeswax for this project. If I had any left over beeswax, I’d save it until I had enough to make another beeswax candle.

The technique is not at all complicated. The process is very similar to making dipped candles, only you dip the whole pine cone not just the string.

Wrap a length of string around the pine cone, working it in between the segments, and leaving a length of it extending from the end of the pine cone. If you have left over wicking, you can use it but cotton string is generally good enough for this application.

Melt the wax you’ve collected to about 170 – 190. be sure to use a double boiler].

When the wax is that temperature, you can take it off the heat and begin dipping the pine cones. It usually works best if you prepare the pine cones before you start, then dip them each once. After the initial dipping, you can let the wax cool slightly then dip each pinecone multiple times until a nice layer of wax as build up on the segments.

Let the wax harden, then trim the string and the fire starter is complete.

Some people want their fire starters to be a little special. If you like, you can color the wax with candle dye and/or add fragrance.

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Have fun with this hobby.