A Day of Shopping is Happy for Everyone When Stopping to Play at a Kids Playhouse

Weird but true, a kids playhouse could be a real savior for those that need to get some shopping done with their little ones. It’s a lot to ask of a child to go from store to store, never being allowed to touch those things that seem to be the most attractive to a child, and being compelled not to make too much noise. The entire experience can be enough to make many kids cringe and cry…especially if the excursion to the mall will be an ENTIRE DAY. But, having come to understand this, many shopping malls have begun to add in really cool places for children to retreat to…a kids playhouse!

When planning a shopping trip to the mall with your kids, it isn’t hard but it can be a little more complicated. This may call for you to be more strategic about how and where you shop with them in tow. Opt for malls that have kid-friendly play areas that include structures such as a KidKraft Kids Playhouse that will be a great place for you child to escape to if he or she becomes extremely tired as you try to buy the things that you need or want. An excellent way to do this it to go to the play area after visiting several stores. When interacting with your child in the kids playhouse area, encourage open-ended play that when you leave you and your child can resume at a later time. That way, your child will get out his or her “shopping anxiety”, he or she will also have something to look forward to, and you can use it as a leverage for better in-store behavior.

It’s great for the malls to provide a kids playhouse for children because it gives them a chance to do all of the touching and feeling as they explore the environment that they are in. Children need to know that they matter and when there is a place specifically designated for them, they usually get a sense that they “belong” at the mall also and that it’s not just a place for grown-ups. As kids watch adults shopping, they observe that the shopping experience is very tactile. A kids playhouse can help alleviate the “touch” envy that some kids have and for fussier kids, it may even calm them down.

Shoppers enjoy having a kids playhouse to help keep their children happy druing their mall excursion. Beyond play, parents are likely to understand the greater utility of having it in such a popular place. After they experience having a kids playhouse nearby once, chances are everyone that is out with you will appreciate it, and be really, really glad that it’s there!