How Do You Preserve Memories?

One of the most exciting times in the life of any couple should be when they find that they are going to have a baby. In a very short while you will be a new parent with a baby that you have responsibility to care for.

Those first few weeks, the human baby is very helpless and will depend on you for food, protection, warm clothing, diaper changes and every other need of life. However, in only a few short months, you will find that you are shopping for toddler baby bedding.

Those few months soon turn to years and before you know what has happened, that helpless baby is waving goodbye from the window of a school bus for the first day of kindergarten. You work through the teen years and high school graduation. Then there is college a career and a wedding.

What are you going to do with all your free time in the empty nest? Why not pick up a scrapbook album and start reliving all of those great memories of the years you spent with your precious child.

If this child was your first, there will likely be hundreds of photographs available. While you may not be able to have all of them displayed on the walls, an album will allow you to display the shots into an organized life story. By using the albums, you can portray many of life’s major events. There may be photos of the trip home from the hospital or the first tooth. Perhaps you will have shots of a school dance or a first date. Each of those special days can be included in the scrapbook for your child.

While a scrapbook that you have prepared can be wonderful to display in your own home, it is also an excellent gift for a special birthday or other occasion. The book will allow your baby to enjoy many of the significant events of life. It is a great way to share those special memories with your family.

It is important to choose acid free papers and other embellishments for the scrapbook. This helps to preserve photographs as well as your hard work for many years to come. Even glues that are used in scrapbooks should be acid free for the longest life of the materials.

So if you are still at the expectant parent stage, you will want to begin collecting photos now for using in your scrapbook. Time will be very busy for you for the next few years, but take a few minutes here and there to record those special events so that your child will be able to have reminders of the past for a lifetime.