The Olden Times Behind Stand Up Paddle Surfing

The water games fans are highly thrilled about their practise of stand up paddle surfing. The excitement and fun that the sport brings together is something that would enthuse any person.

There is a popular myth that the stand up paddle surfing is an old and very old custom that initiated in Hawaii. Early in the 20th century, it was reported by Captain James Cook in his periodicals that he did notice a canoeist catch a wave in Tahiti while sitting down. once more , there were various early Polynesian watermen who had seen canoe paddlers paddle across thin reefs as standing up and trying to catch some fish.

The primary paddle surfers who did it while standing up were recorded in the early 1950’s in Waikiki. It saw a thousand of joy hungry Americans being brought to the seashore to like the novel style of surfing under the expert supervision of the Waikiki beach boys.

The popularity of the stand up paddle surfing also guide to the amplify in tourism in this sector.

Steadily the water surfing and paddle surfing in a standing position became popular worldwide. The surfing gold coast has never looked back since then in the state . In fact, Australia today is the mainly chosen destination of all the water games devotee from all over the world. The Gold Coast in Australia is considered a surfer’s paradise .

The Hawaiian beaches are, however, still very accepted for the stand up paddle surfing learner and new buff. The beach boys in 1950’s in Waikiki, in fact came up with an idea to attract added travellers to Waikiki. They would paddle up in to the waves with a camera and tick pictures of the visitors learning and liking how to surf.

The stand up structure of paddle surfing as well pay back the persons with a great body work out thus maintain their health level. This sport is mainly popular in the tepid coastal climates and places like Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. These are all considered to be seaside heaven and hence wonderful for surfing.