The Details Regarding HGH Side Effects

[Growth hormone|HGH|Human Growth Hormone] [usage|therapy] has been [the subject of|subjected to] extensive [research|study|scrutiny] and the [findings|reports|results] are [incredible|amazing]. The findings have been embraced by the public, leading to publication in important journals like the New England Journal of Medicine.

Among of the benefits reported in this research include an eight% increase in muscle mass, weight loss with no dieting, and a mean 4.4% loss of fat.. Among the other reported positive effects was a loss of cellulite, wrinkle reduction, more elastic skin, increased brain function, improved vision, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol profiles, better cardiac function and many other health benefits.
Large amounts of money and thousands of man hours have been focused on different efforts by large pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop drugs that provide any one of these benefits. Knowing that there is a drug available that combines all of these desirable benefits into one amazing substance, you will want to find out what can go wrong.

When you take large doses of any hormone you can experience negative side effects. HGH taken in excess can therefore produce some very alarming side effects. Genetics vary greatly between individuals and affect how each person reacts to the same hormone dosages substantially.

The [greatest|most extreme] HGH side effects have been [observed|seen] in body builders and athletes who have in all likelihood taken [abusively|extremely] [large|high] [dosages|doses] over [extensive|long] periods of time. A main characteristic of these cases is abnormal bone growth. Time has shown there is a possibility of heart damage, irregular cardiac rhythms, and joint and facial deformities from prolonged usage.

Most recorded side effects of hgh have been the result of over use of the hormone. Strictly following the dosage prescribed by your doctor and by limiting the time the drug is used can greatly minimize the dangerous HGH side effects. The risk of reactions can be reduced by injecting a lower dosage.

A few documented cases of patients who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, and a condition of enlarged breasts called gynecomastia have been reported in some of the initial studies. Hypertension, swollen joints and chronic joint pain, increased hair growth, and edema are among the other side effects that have been observed.

The function of the liver can be stressed and sometimes liver damage can occur when it has to process big amounts of the synthetic forms of HGH in the blood stream.The danger of your pituitary producing less growth hormone as a result of higher synthetic levels in the blood is also real. In some cases the pituitary gland might entirely cease releasing any hgh.

An individual needs to look at the benefits and side effects before deciding if HGH therapy is right for their anti aging or muscle building program. Weighing all the risks and studying the various alternatives are important to making an informed decision.