Scrapbooks Are A Creative Way To Bring Friends Together

Everyone has stacks of photographs lying in drawers and envelopes that we promise ourselves will be put in books, yet we never quite get around to it. Scrap booking is a great way to organize photos and use creativity. It is an easy and fun hobby to do, especially when you get family and friends involved.

If you are new to the hobby there is plenty of information on the web with easy instructions on getting started. It is best to use your imagination for decorative items to use on the photos as some of the kits can be expensive and complicated.

This form of creativity allows you to use your imagination while making interesting photos have a wow factor to them. If you have an adorable picture of your daughter posing on a motorcycle, cut out a black helmet to attach to the picture. Using ideas to build on photos is a great way to add creativity to your collection.

Get your family and friends involved by hosting a party. Send invitations inviting all of your friends to bring a scrapbook album, the pictures of a specific holiday and odds and ends that can be used for decorating. For example, you could suggest it be a Christmas follow up party and the requirements are for the guests to only bring photos of the previous Christmas.

To make it even more interesting suggest they only bring a specified amount of pictures and only from a certain day, for example, only bring twenty photos from Christmas morning. There are a number of different ways to get friends and family involved in creating the photo albums. You could all meet at the local hobby shop for selecting necessary items for your gathering. Or you could have the instructions for guests ‘to bring’ items.

If you meet at the hobby shop, make the rules clear. Everyone is to pick out six of their favorite scrapbooking papers and everyone has to choose different sets. Set a limit on the amount of decorations per guest as well. Once you return home, have each guest pick another guests name and they will complete their album for them. It is a creative way to get someone elses take on your photographs.

Including others in this creative hobby will make for fun get together. Have a different theme each week and remember to rotate names for each book. It will be fun to look at your collection of photos when at the end of the month you have had four different friends create a photo album for you. The more guests you invite to your weekly photo parties, the more creativity you have in your albums.