Saving Scrapbooking Costs

More and more people are getting hooked on scrapbooking these days. The wide selection of scrapbooking tools and materials available at arts and crafts stores will attest to that. Some of these items even come with surprisingly steep prices. So, are you thinking of embracing the hobby as well, but concerned of the fortune you might need to spend?

It’s true that some scrapbookers shell out huge sums of money for the craft. However, there’s a different approach to it: the economical way! You can come up with charming and one-of-a-kind creations even without exceeding a certain budget. The following are some tips on how you can do just that.

Some off-the-rack albums can come quite pricey. But you can always create one with materials lying around your home. For the album cover, you can form one from cardboard sheets. But if you have an unused binder, your task comes much easier. Simply remove all the contents and start decorating right away. You can cover it with used gift wrappers or wallpapers, or make a collage out of colorful magazine pictures.

There are many materials which can be used as makeshift scrapbook pages. Used cardboard or folders will look stunning covered up with old gift wrappers or wallpapers. Remember that school project when you make recycled paper out of old newspaper sheets? If you got plenty of free time, they will sure look great especially when already embellished.

Your home is teeming with unused items that will make for truly unique embellishments. Save buttons, laces, and fabrics with bold prints from unused clothing items. Look around your husband’s DIY workspace for potential embellishments, like washers, nuts and others. With a little creativity, you can make exceptional decorative elements of out everyday things.

Save small items from moments that are likely to end up as part of your scrapbook. Keep the ticket stub when you watch your son play his takamine acoustic guitar in a school program. Gather flat shells and pebbles during your family’s beach vacation. Save a party hat, goody bag or confetti used during your daughter’s birthday bash.

For the cutting tools, you may simply borrow some from a fellow scrapbooker that you know of. The fact is you need not purchase a lot of tools for the craft. Even with just a cutter and a craft knife, you can make interesting patterns and shapes. Creating scrapbooks need not be expensive, as long as you use your inventiveness.