Organizing Your Funeral .

Many people see death as something that happens to other people and not them, however as we grow older and see close loved ones pass away, we know that it is inevitable that death will eventually happen to us. The death of someone close to you will show you that even after death, for family members, life must still go on and leaving the organisation of your funeral to your family will undoubtedly bring more strain on them at such an emotional time.

Allow your close family and friends to mourn you properly by pre-planning your funeral.

The first step is to organize paperwork. Let close family know where to locate your birth certificate, life insurance, marriage certificate and social security number for example. Knowing where these papers are upon your death will make life easier for everyone

Once you have chosen your Funeral home, again let your family know. Your funeral director will have all information regarding your chosen service and burial. You may well have asked certain people to make a speech or choose certain songs so leave contact details for them as well. Try and converse with the funeral home as much as you can. It is important to involve as many family members as you can.

Remember that if you have not organized your funeral all arrangements will be left to your family, so if you do have any preferences then ensure your family knows. Decisions made by one family member may well not be thought of as the right decision by another which can cause family arguments and rifts.

Funerals are held to celebrate and remember the deceased and by pre-planning your funeral you enable close loved ones and friends to celebrate your life together. Give your family the chance to grieve as [onea whole], the loss of a family member is sometimes unbearable so relieve the strain of funeral arranging by pre-planning your funeral.

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