Organize Your Apartment Using Idea Mapping

So you’ve just moved into your new apartment, full of decorating potential. However, you realize that you have no clues as to how to organize all of the “stuff” you’ve brought with you in a way that maximizes this potential. Where do you start? Idea Mapping is a great place to begin, because it allows one to organize various types of information using efficient and easily conceptualized spatial diagrams. With Idea Mapping, you can “map out” the best way to organize of all of your “stuff” in a creative and intuitive manner, making the process of creating a beautiful apartment space a piece of cake.

What is Idea Mapping?

Idea Mapping is a means of organizing information using an Idea Mind Map, which is a “colorful, single-page visual that captures [a person’s] thinking in key words and images.” Idea Mapping is widely believed to be a more effective means of conceptualizing information than traditional outlining, because it uses a spatial, rather than linear, approach to help define the information. When using an Idea Map, both hemispheres of the brain are engaged, allowing the brain to process information in a manner consistent with its natural functioning. The result is the ability to “plan, organize, communicate, remember, innovate, and learn” information quickly and efficiently.

Constructing an Idea Map to Organize Your Apartment

When constructing an Idea Map in order to organize your apartment, the first place to begin is by representing the purpose of your map, here your apartment organization, in the center of the map. Next, list all of the main areas of your apartment, such as the kitchen or bathroom, on “branches” that you attach to the central image. Continue by listing any “sub-areas” of each main area, such as the dressing area or dining alcove, on “child branches”. Next, you might list any intuitive functions for each area or “sub-area” on “child branches” or “twigs” attached to the “child branches”, such as “washing dishes” or “applying makeup”. You can then list the items in your “stuff” that make sense with or facilitate these functions on more “twigs”, attached to the appropriate function. Make sure to include any colors or visual images that you feel will help you better conceptualize your map. The result of your map constructed in this manner is a listing of all of your “stuff” in the areas of your apartment that maximize the use of these items, and, thus, the use of the space. Attached is a Map diagram that represents what your Idea Map might look like.

Organizing Your Apartment Using the Idea Map Diagram

Now that you have conceptualized your apartment layout using an Idea Map, you can begin organizing your apartment in the manner you’ve “mapped out”. While you still need to unpack and put away all of your “stuff”, the process of Idea Mapping has made arranging your apartment so much easier. With the Idea Map, you now have a clear visual image of where all of your items should go and why, allowing you to quickly and efficiently place your items in their proper place. When you have finished organizing your apartment according to your Idea Map, you will likely find that you have created an apartment space that is functional and has everything in just the place you want it.