Making Scented Candles – 4 Tips for Creating Aromatic Wax Beauty

Scented candles increase the ambience of any room in your home. If you are a romantic person, you will enjoy the warm aroma of scented candles. Treat your guests to a touch of mystique and a sense of calm. And, of course, the glow of almost any candle highlights the elegance of the room.

The subtle fragrance of scented candles will pep you up, even while the candle is unlit. So when you come home tired and worn out from the day, the presence of the perfumed candles tend to unwind you and make you feel uplifted.

Scented candles are great gifts for every season and all occasions; especially when they are hand crafted by yours truely.

1. Choose Your Candle Making Fragrance

Fragrance oil is sold in most craft shops. You may also shop for it on the web. Select a good quality fragrance oil instead of going whth a cheap water or alcohol based fragrances. Since your wax mix will be oil based, your fragrance should also be oil based. Why? As oil & water do not mix, a water based perfume tends not to mix with oil based wax.

2. Choose Your Wax

The basics of making a scented candle are more or less the same as for ordinary wax candles. Begin by choosing your wax type. These days the market offers a versatile range of wax, starting from natural waxes made from beeswax, palm or soy and on to gel or paraffin wax. It is important that you decide on the fragrance intensity for your candles before picking the kind of wax. For instance, wax with less density holds less fragrance than higher density wax.

3. The Art of Scented Candle Making

Now we’ll go through the process of creating aromatic candles.

1st step is to melt your wax. I recommend using a double boiler. Meaning place the wax in a small pot & place that pot into a slightly larger container partially filled with tap water. Next step – heat the water. Use a thermometer to ensure the wax is not burnt. The temperature should be kept at 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the wax has melted, put a wick in the mold and remove your wax from the source of heat. Next add the fragrance oil. 1 ounce fragrance oil to 1 pound wax will create a fragrance of 6%. Greater amounts of fragrance oil will cause the candle to burn out quicker.

Now pour your melted wax/fragrance mix into it’s mold. The only job remaining is to let it cool before removing your candle from it’s mold.

Congratulations, well done!

4. Experiment as You Go Along

You will gain expertise in all phases of candle making when you start experimenting. By using different fragrances and colors, you will perfect the candle making technique and thoroughly enjoy the process.

It’s a great feeling to award your friends with a scented candle that is homemade knowing that they will find the fragrant essences both relaxing and invigorating.