Make a School Scrapbooking Border for Children’s Albums

If you’re creating a scrapbook to commemorate a school year you may be wondering what you can use for a school scrapbooking border. Sure, most people use those block letters or school buses and these work just fine but if you want to be creative you can come up with so many other digital scrapbook tips and things to use to help you celebrate the school year.

For instance think of the child himself or herself. What types of activities do they enjoy during school or what is their favorite subject? You can be flexible with scrapbook page ideas. If they like science then use science-themed items as a school scrapbooking border. This might include beakers, burners, and atoms. You can even try equations. If they enjoy reading or creative writing then books with classic literature titles may work. If they are really good at music, then of use musical notes or die cuts of their favorite instrument as part of a school page border. Sports enthusiasts also have many items you might use as a school scrapbooking border. Balls, tennis racquets, bats or even sneakers can make great items!

Another creative idea for a school scrapbooking border is to use different poems scrapbooking and phrases in different fonts and typestyles and use those as a border. There are many words and phrases you can use but you may also want to ask your child what he or she may include. Obviously the phrases that kids use every day can change constantly so don’t assume you know “what the kids are saying” today- ask your child! Getting the child involved in choosing a school scrapbooking border can also be fun and an interesting project for the two of you to do together.

Keep in mind that you do not have to use school-themed items for a school scrapbooking border. Sometimes just using a good color scheme such as primary colors for elementary aged kids or the school’s colors for older children can work just as well. If you carry this color scheme through to each page somehow you can really tie everything together and have a great finished product. You might also try making up small items to actually attach or adhere as a school scrapbooking border rather than just something you write or draw on. This could be mini books, apple shapes or small brick school houses that you decorate and then attach to the page as a border.