Locate a person at no charge in that military

If you want to locate a person in the army then you should at least have shortened it to increase the chances of locating this person you seek. Tracing military personnel is so easy because no matter how many times they change their stations a record is always available somewhere.


The army has made a website which is almost the same as Facebook that permits people to be in contact with their relatives and friends that are in any of the stations. You can access this site by visiting gisearch.com . This website has a lot of members signed up to it and you should be able to locate a person in the army at no cost.


There are quite a number of these military websites and if you have the time you can actually look most of them up. militaryconnections.com is another you may try. You can locate any person with this website from veterans, reserves to current serving personnel. It has a much bigger database and if you don’t locate the person first time you can then check this one.


If you want to find someone free in the military it would help a lot if you have the following information with you. If you can get the person’s full names including second names, the branch they are serving in that is Navy, Air force etc and their social security number. If you have the person’ service number then that will even be more helpful.


What can be an alternative would be knowing where the person was last stationed. You can find someone free in the military by finding out from their last posting where they are currently stationed now. After that it’s just a matter of getting the phone number and calling them.


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