Learn How to Exercise the Abs Better than the Crunch

Most people don’t want to stick around for an extra half an hour after a workout to do your abs. If I told you that you can work in enough for your abs so that you don’t have to do a separate workout, you’d probably like that. You’ll find a lot of people you’ll find in a weight loss forum will appeciate this.

Here is a quarter hour program that will get everything above your waist, including your abdominals, in top shape.You’ll match two routines in pairs before moving on to the next pair.

1. Chin ups and spider pushups.Exercises don’t have to have “abdominal” in their name to affect the abdominals.

In fact, chin ups are very effective for abdominal training.

Hang off the rod to begin.Use your arms to raise your body until your chin’s above your hands.

Do enough of these so that you are one short of maxing out. After this is done, move directly into the spider push-up.

As you lower yourself, bring a knee to your elbow and return it. Intensity is important here, as with most six pack ab exercises.

Change sides as you complete this exercise.

2. Upright dumbbell shoulder press and weighted rows. Gripping the DB overhand, put your other hand on your side as you push the weight up.

Repeat this 8 times for your left and then for the right. Go straight to the bell rows.Get ten repetitions of the rows done, keeping good form. You’ll work your abdominals really well by doing this.

3. Next is a pair of exercises for your arms and abdominals: tricep extensions and DB curls with one arm. Give a little extra at the bottom part so that you get a good abdominal stretch.Bring the bells above the head and do it again.

Be sure to use heavier bells to maximize the effect of the abdominals.

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