Learn How The Games Of Corn Toss And Washers Are Similar To Each Other

All the forms of toss games is widely popular in many parts of the world. They can be played by any layman and does not need any kind of expertise to play. If you want to play the corntoss game with your family then make sure you get the all weather corn hole set for your family. As this is mostly an outdoor game it leaves the indoors less messy. Put the children to play the game and you can easily finish your chores as they play. The corntoss game sets can be made according to the space that is available to you may it be in your backyard or indoors. Both versions of the game are quite enjoyable though.

Keeping in mind the growing need of games and sports in people’s lives all weather corn hole sets are made to suit everybody according to space and time. The fun is of course there but the other physical benefits cannot be overlooked either. When young people are suffering from high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases it become very important for people to squeeze out some time and fit in some form of exercise in their schedule.

The urban elite class prefers to sit along with friends over drinks. Raising their glasses is the only exercise that they do. So why not involve your friends in a game of corn toss. That is how you will have some fun and exercise and the next day will not wake up with a hangover either.

For those people who do not have time to exercise, for them playing toss games is a beneficial pastime as they can enjoy the game and also get some physical activity. The corntoss game is equally beneficial for the elderly people as they can work out their body without straining too much. Children also love to play the corntoss game and playing this game helps develop their motor skills. Many people play this game with their family and while holidaying. Playing this game together strengthens the bond among the family members and teaches the children the virtue of sharing and waiting for their turns. Because of the innumerable plus points of these toss games they still continue to be popular among the people.

Corn toss game or washer toss game are very similar. Both have two receiving containers set apart at a definite distance. In case of washers game it is 20 feet and in case of corn toss game, it is 27 feet. The container in the case of washers game is a square box with a PVC cup set in the middle. In the case of corn toss, you have a rectangular board with a hole on it at a set place. In case of the washers game the contestant through required number of washers (generally four) in the cup from a fixed pitching area. In case of corn toss, he throws the corn bags (numbering four) into the hole on the board.

Some more similarities are:

  • Both the corn toss and the washers games have fixed pitching corner from where the contestants toss corn bags or washers as the case may be.
  • In both the games, you have an imaginary foul line that you cannot cross while pitching the corn bags or the washers. The foul line in both the cases lay parallel to the front of the game platform.
  • The game platform is the other container which is lying idle; that is in which you are not pitching in.
  • You can play corn toss or washers game as singles as well as doubles.
  • When playing in singles the players pitch in from the same platform in both the versions.
  • While playing doubles the teams pitch in from the opposite game boards.
  • Both corn toss and washer game consist of of many rounds or innings.

Some people believe that the washers game and the corntoss game have originated from the horseshoe games. These games have only been modified according to the type of things available to the people that they could use in the games. For example, in the industrial areas washers were used instead of corntoss bags that are used more in the rural areas where corn is grown in abundance. In some places where bean is grown in as the major crop, the corn has been replaced by beans.

It is believed that horseshoe games originated from quoits which is an adaptation of the discuss throwing game. In fact all the toss games are somewhat different versions of the same games which were played among the rural community of farmers. The once rustic game has now evolved to be played by the urban elite though it continues to be played in its original form in many rural areas. There is scope for further modifications in the setting and the components of the game as its affects diversify.


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