Kids Soccer Drills: How To Prevent Mistakes

Kids Soccer Drills

It’s not wrong that in kids soccer drills, coaches are very much responsible for the downfall of the players as a team because of some errors. Yes, it is true. Many of you must be thinking that how can there be something so big that can destroy a team. Well, let it be known that there are many.

When it comes to soccer drills for kids, you have to be very careful and strategic. Make it a point to know and value psychology of the kids. Speak with them in a language that they can understand well. But sadly, most coaches are not ready to adapt to this. They conveniently ignore fact that there is a disparity between training grown-up players and kids.

So this is it; let me share some blunders that coaches make which reduce their teams to rubble.

1. A lot of them consider their jobs as casual work. They don’t consider in necessary to be prompt in reaching the ground, set up the drills, or systematize practice sessions. All these are not only bad traits but put off the kids too. Just like the kids, you too should get serious about soccer. Put together the youth soccer drills ahead of time. If you need certain equipment to carry out the drills, arrange it before hand.

Youth Soccer Drills

Don’t be late. Always reach the field before the kids. In reality, be present there to welcome the kids. It has the advantage of finding some extra time to practice the drills and plan other things.

2. Before the sessions, when the coaches impart instructions for kids soccer drills, they get so lost in it so as to loose track of the time. Can you anticipate how boring that can get? Know that kids come to the field to play and not listen to boring speeches. Keep your instructions brief and to the point. Use this talk to motivate the kids and increase their confidence.

Also, do not interrupt the kids when they are playing. If there is something that you need to tell the kids, wait for the session to end. Also, observe the kids from outside when they are playing.

3. Some coaches tend to get emotional or abusive with the players. In soccer drills for youth, this can prove to be catastrophic. It may prove counter productive to show your emotions on the field. It is imperative that the kids will make mistakes. Do not forget that they are children. There is no need to get sensitive about it and be rude to the players.

If you do, understand that you not only make the kids lose interest in the sport but also invite disciplinary action. Soccer is a game of the mind. Make the kids realize this and you would have motivated them.

Just don’t let these problems of kids soccer drills affect you and you are a winner. If you need more information on what the behavior of the coaches should be like, join our youth soccer coaching community. You will be amazed by the rise in your knowledge.


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