Is There A Way An Email Address Can Be Located?

Our personal life with today’s hectic lifestyle has taken a knocking over recent years, making it difficult to keep in touch with friends; which is why probably over the years, we have lost contact with them. Rather late in life when we think of contacting them, we have to consider where there whereabouts might be and that can be difficult. We may want to search for their email address but do not know how to go about it.


As years pass by we move on from school to college, college to work, from city to city and may be from one country to another. Communicating with our friends in this hectic life syle can be somewhat difficult. By the time we think about it, we’ve very often lost their contact details. There may be times when you desperately try to look up an email address but in vain because you are not sure where and how to begin your search.


There are some ways in which you can try and look up an email address but these are just options that you can use for you may not always be lucky in locating the information that you want. Typing your friends name into a search engine is a good place to start searching. But you have to be sure that the address if any that you have located is the one you are looking for. There may be thousands of people out there with the same name and so this would not be the most appropriate solution to your problem.


The next method is to try looking up email directories, which are directories that you will find freely on the Internet. As these have a considerable listing of email addresses they are sometimes successful in helping you find email addresses that you are looking for. If the address does not belong to an organisation, a blog or a website then search engines may not be the best way to find your friend; that’s when email directories become more useful.


Most of the search engines have their own email directory and it is always advisable to look up more than one directory as they all have different lists that may possibly help you find the address you are looking for. The downside to this type of search, is you have to register with the genuine email sites and there is no guarantee that your friend will be listed. Besides there are many people who give false identifications or a fictitious name, making it difficult to find the right person.


Another method of looking up an email address is through social networking, which has grown very popular in recent years. Everyone who has a social networking directory will have lots of contact details. This is s good way of searching for someone whose contact details you have lost in the past. People tend to want to keep their mailing address and telephone numbers private so you have more chance of finding an email address.


However it is not as easy to get an email address or contact details of a person through this network without the authority of the person being sought. Before you can contact your friend they have to accept your ‘friend’ request, otherwise you will not be allowed to access their profile. If an email address or other contact details are not listed there, you could ask them for it via the messaging service available on the site.


So, if you are keen on getting in touch with one of your old time friends and do not have their contact details, you could try out one of the above methods to find out about them.