How To Overcome Fear Of Flying

Fear of flying could be a draining and annoying condition where you can’t even consider getting on an airplane without breaking into a cold sweat and beginning to feel as if you could have a panic episode at any moment.  Many individuals who suffer from being afraid to fly find that they suffer from panic fits when they are forced to consider flying.  Symptoms of these include sweating, racing pulse and heart, chest pains and other aches and pains that may make you not just very uncomfortable, but sometimes, you could realize that you think that you are having a heart attack.

Fears spread from our crazy expectations that the stuff we cannot control will turn out to be bad experiences.  For example, with flying we have absolutely no control ; everything is in the hands of the captain.  And even if we needed to, we cannot just stop the airplane and get off.  Where do these assumptions come from though?  We certainly are not born with these fears ; they’re learned through our experiences and through the experiences of others.  Attempt to think of a time that triggered your fear of flying, it might be a private experience of a turbulent flight you had, the fearful stories of others, or the scary pictures seen on television.  It is possible that your imaginativeness takes these experiences and heightens them into a worse case scenario that accentuates your fear of flying.  You need to use your imagination to overcome fear of flying, rather than allow it to feed the dread.

If your conscious mind starts to panic at the idea of stepping onto a plane, it is time to do some research and quell your fears.  The media target plane accidents because so many people are concerned.  Yet they ignore auto accidents which continually harm more folk than flying does.  If you are pleased to drive then you should be able to rationalize your thoughts to acknowledge that flying is even safer.  There is no need to be scared of flying.

It may help to teach yourself more on the workings of aviation.  It can be helpful to get a stronger knowledge of how planes function and the science that keeps them up in the air.  Try to locate books or other media that can explain how it all works in plain English.

Seek out support.  Maybe your friends and family can offer you valuable support if you’re feeling you can trust them and that they can sympathise with you.  There are tons of web support forums on how to fly without fear as well where members can share experiences and offer effective coping methodologies.  If you have some money to spend you can also look into professional treatment in your area.