How to Choose the Best LASIK Surgeon

Want to have LASIK Surgery?  Then the first step is to pick a good surgeon.   The things you need to consider as you make your choice include the surgeon’s qualifications, experience, personality, equipment he uses, and his reputation. Of all of these, it goes without saying that the surgeon’s qualifications and experience are the most important.   Keep in mind, after all, that the work of this doctor will impact your vision for the remainder of your life. 

The majority of LASIK surgeons perform their craft flawlessly. However, as with any other practice, there are a few bad apples mixed into the bunch.  Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly investigate any doctor whom you’re considering hiring for this procedure.

First on your list of things to investigate should be the reputation of your surgeon. When a LASIK surgeon has membership in several reputable professional organizations, this indicates a certain amount of commitment to his profession.   Make sure, however, that the associations he’s part of are relevant to his field of practice.   Membership in an association that has nothing to do with treating the eyes are not important.

In addition to checking out the doctor’s professional associations, talk with people who have hired the surgeon in the past and ask for their opinions.    Their views should not be the only determining factor, but they do help you compile a complete portrait of the surgeon.

In addition, find out when the surgeon first started in this field and how many procedures he has done. Granted, every doctor has his first patient on whom he operates, but unless there are good reasons, you don’t need to be that first one.

But don’t stop at researching the doctor; rather, research the medical center where he works, as well.   What kind of equipment does he use?   To make this research helpful, though, you’ll also need to investigate the different kinds of LASIK equipment available.   The smart patient will make sure that the latest, best technology is used. The internet can be a good resource with looking for information on lasik surgery risks or lasik eye surgery.

And finally, as you decide which surgeon to hire, don’t ignore your own intuition.   You’ll want to set up an appointment so that you can talk face to face with the prospective surgeon. And if you decide during this face-to-face meeting that there’s something about the doctor you don’t trust, then feel free to find someone else for the surgery. You’d be astonished to know how many times a person’s intuition winds up being right on the mark. And even if your intuition wasn’t quite in tune with the facts, it’s still better to work with a doctor that you have full confidence in.   And that means you should be comfortable talking with the man who will be operating on your eyes.