Get To Know More About Toss Games

Over the years the traditional cornhole sets have undergone modifications that suits the user and all weather cornhole games have replaced the wooden cornhole boards. But if you are a professional player and want to take part in any tournament then you will not be allowed to use the all weather cornhole game sets. According to the American Cornhole Association only standard cornhole sets are allowed in corntoss tournaments. The all weather cornhole game sets comprises boards made of non-degradable material such as plastic and the corn hole bags have plastic pallets in them instead of corn. The advantages of these changes are that the boards are weather resistant and easy to maintain. There is also no chance of the birds and squirrels to eat the corn in the bags and damage them.

Despite of the modifications in the corntoss game yet the fun factor of the game remains the same. But older folks prefer the traditional way of playing the game as there is lots of dust and perspiration associated with the game. As the bag filled with feed corn is pitched and it hits the board, a cloud of dust emerges from it and covers the entire place. The players get dusty all over and this is it that they like. The dust which is formed from the breaking down of corn takes the players back to the rustic days when rural folks used to play the game.

The origin of the corntoss game is not known for sure. Many people have different opinion on the origin of the game and some old players say that this game of corntoss originated in the farmlands of Germany and later rediscovered in Kentucky sometime in the 20th century. The look and the feel of the game suggest that it must have started as a fun way for the farmers while loading corn bags on carts or while putting them in barns after the harvest. They must have waged bets as to who could throw the bags the farthest, which could be the initial versions of the corntoss game.

In the beginning, there were no rules or regulations and variations of the same game were being played in different places. This went on until ACA or the American Cornhole Association was formed to streamline everything into one recognized model of the game. However, the rules and regulations thus formed are not at all mandatory, but rather guidelines that they expects all to follow so that a consistent and standard play can be promoted all over the country.

The corn toss game has reached the backyards of people and beaches from rustic fields. Corresponding to the change in setting the rules and the equipments of the game has also changed. Now a days weather resistant cornhole bags are available in the markets which have plastic pellets in them. This makes these bags easy to handle and makes the game dust free as there is no breaking down of corn when pitched. The standard cornhole bags used in tournaments are made of two square pieces of duck canvas stitched together with a quarter inch double stitched seam. It is filled with two cups of feed corns and measures 6”x6” and weighs between 14 and 16 ounces. These standard specifications are set by ACA and have to be met for tournament use.

Filling the corntoss abgs with feed corn have many disadvantages. They are difficult to maintain as the corn inside the bags are loved food for rooks and squirrels and if not taken care they easily get to the bags, tear them and eat the feed corn. The feed corn is very susceptible to mildew and if the bags are exposed to dew, rain or snow then the corn inside the bags are affected and are turned into dust. If the corn gets wet then they have to be immediately removed and dried. The corntoss bags are pitched from a distance on the boards and in the process the corns start breaking down. As the corn breaks down it becomes easy to play the game. But if the corn breaks down too much then they become lighter and the bags are replaced.

According to the ACA system it is mandatory that each cornhole platform be made from 48”X 24” inches wooden plywood. There are many other set specifications but they are applicable only if you are participating in tournaments. If you are playing the game purely for fun then you can use the more modified versions of the game sets though the feel of the game is quite different from that played in the original style. For people who like to play the corntoss games in their backyards the all weather corntoss sets are very suitable.

A modern adaptation of the standard corntoss sets is the all weather cornhole games sets which are more convenient in the sense that they are portable and handy. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and store. Playing the corn toss game is indeed a good option to spend the afternoons and enjoy the holidays. It is good for people of all age group and can be played by children as well as elderly people. In fact regular practice of the game will considerably improve your motor skills and will give exercise to your limbs also.


Dave Threadcraft enjoys bean bag toss games which is a fun and not too physical outdoor game. Family and friends will find it enjoyable to play outdoors. Its main objective is to compete with the other team and beat each other with a winning score. Make your set lasts longer with weather resistant cornhole bags.