Do all Hemroid creams work?

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Your Doctor may suggest a particular topical cream for your Hemroids, other doctors may suggest something else. Every doctor who has to deal with Hemroids probably has their own favourite they like to prescribe – probably (says the cynic) the cream produced by the company that gives better commissions and perks.

However, you probably know that not all Hemroids creams are prescription-only medicine. You can also buy cream over the counter at your local drugstore. Again, if you ask the pharmacist for help, he or she probably recommends the brand of cream that they have the most of in stock.

Then what can be the solution? Which cream is best for Hemroids? The Right answer: None. Prescritopm Hemroid creams are a temporary solution for your long term problem. They are expensive and gives you painrelief when needed and nothing more. All this is a short term relief.

Some Hemroids creams are a little different – these are the lubricants. Lubricant is often used to help ease things when having a bowel motion or for prolapsed haemorrhoids that need to be manually replaced.

You may not know this but, you can get the same results using home made remedies? Save a lot of money by opting out of expensive Hemroids cream! A cold compress or an ice pack held over the haemorrhoid or over the anus can have exactly the same effect: the blood vessels with shrink and the pain will be numbed temporarily.

But better than any temporary method is finding a way to Remove Internal Hemroids . Because who wants to be content with the temporary relief brought by ice packs or Hemroids cream? Thankfully, home remedies to remove haemorrhoids can be found – no need for scary surgery or for expensive Hemroids cream any more!

So, instead of rushing towards one specific , expensive solution, do a little research and find out more details on the natural remedies.