Defending Your Home With North Carolina Home Monitoring Security

A home burglary is damaging emotionally, as well as financially, so it is worth the time to learn how to avoid such a traumatic experience. Many anti-crime strategies can be implemented on your own. When it comes to the correct installation of hardware and devices, however, you may want to consider using a North Carolina home security monitoring expert.

Burglars do not pick their victims in a random fashion. They will not select a home to burglarize that presents too many risks or will be too difficult to break into. They are looking for homes that are unoccupied, provide good cover to avoid being seen, and have doors or windows that are weakly secured. You want the burglar to take a look at your home and decide it is too much trouble and too big of a risk to rob so they will move onto an easier victim.

The most vulnerable entrances into your home are garage doors and back doors. In addition, these ports of entry provide the most cover. Always keep your car door locked even when it is parked in your garage. Do not leave valuables lying on your car seats or in view. All entrance points should have a solid core or metal door, with a heavy-duty deadbolt lock with a one-inch throw bolt.

The most common way to open a locked door is to kick it open. Use a high security strike plate that takes four screws and install it with 3-inch wood screws. This alone will make a burglar move on to an easier victim. Patio doors can be problematic. Use a secondary blocking device on sliding glass doors. The latch mechanism and rollers used on sliding glass doors should be well maintained and properly adjusted. Install through-the-door pins or upper track screws. Burglars do not like seeing decals for alarms services, neighborhood watch, or beware of dog warnings. Display those decals.

Never leave windows unlocked or open. Open windows will attract burglars. All windows, including upper floor windows, should be secured using secondary blocking devices. A North Carolina home security alarm system tip is to use a blocking device so that accessible windows cannot be opened more than six inches.

Organizing with neighbors can be a great anti-crime program. Meet with your neighbors and agree to look out for each other. Be on the alert for suspicious activity and report it to the authorities. Arrange to have lawns mowed and mail picked up when you are going to be away from home. Have a neighbor park in your driveway when you are gone. The trick is to have your home not appear to be unoccupied. Never hide your house key outside. Instead allow a trusted neighbor to have a key.

It is important to have the exterior of your home well lighted particularly entryways and pathways. Criminals need darkness to conceal their activities. Light will deter them. Consider installing infra-red motion sensor lights in the rear. You can create the illusion that you are home when you are away by using timers to turn the lights and TV sets on and off in an apparently normal routine.

The first rule of preventing home burglary is simply making your home an unattractive target. There are a lot of steps that you can do on your own. Locks, alarms and other devices must be installed properly in order for them to do the job they were designed to do. If you lack the do-it-yourself expertise, then there are many excellent North Carolina home security systems companies who can help you. Find a Charlotte security expert today.