Using a Cell phone number To find Anyone

There has been a number of articles written on how you can find people living in Canda Online. We have shared on how you can use limited data to do your search, How to put search engines like Google into good use, how you can use free people search engines like Zabasearch or even to use services that charge you a fee to do a people search like Intelius.

That said, I can safely say that the number of wasy to find people online cannever really be exhausted in one article. This is because every day new sites are developed with more advanced and better people search features. This is why I like to keep updating the information about finding people. Hence the need for you to read more that just this article on the site.

Here is a good example of what we are talking about. Did you know that just 4 years ago online social networking sites did not exist i.e. for what they stand for today?. It was the emergence of the web 2.0 technology that spear headed the emergence of sites like friendster and Myspace.

If we were to write an article on how to use these social sites last year then we would have to update it this year because there are newer and arguably better social sites that you can use today. For example, Facebook is currently the top site that everyone including Canadians use. This means you can sign up to this site, which is free to join by the way, and then start making friends.

You can also use the friend finder tool on the site to find people within a specific country like Canada. Some official stas show that this site has grown big time over the past year alone you are almost guaranteed of finding any one using the net in there. Some of my search reveals that the sites get about 13 million uniques (from Canada).

There is also another new comer that is hell bent of amassing marketing share – meaning more people using the site and you standing a better chance of finding your friends on the site. With 2 million users per month you can take a chance and search there.

Although myspace is no longer a hot favorite anymore millions of Canadians entered their profiles on that site a couple of years ago when it was still hot so do not overlook it just yet. Like Twitter is also receives about 2 million uniques from Canada each and every month although it seems to be on a downward spiral.

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