Trying To Get Back In Shape?


If you have taken a break from your work out schedule it is difficult to get motivated to get into your workout routine once more. What you need to do is stick to some practical achievable “written”goals to help get you going.

The reason I have emphasized “written” is simply because if you do not jot your resolutions down your goals are just fantasies. Studies have demonstrated over and over again that writing your goals down in a notebook is very powerful.

Let us look at a few examples. If you intend to get back into running, walk as much as possible in the beginning. Depending upon your intensity of usual fitness you may possibly only begin with fifteen or twenty minutes. If you have a certain level of fitness begin with 30 minutes and little by little intensify it.

Once you have been walking briskly for a couple of weeks ease back into running by rotating walking and jogging. Walk for ten minutes and jog for five minutes and so on. As you become stronger and your soreness decreases you should increase the running until you are running again for atleast 30 minutes once again.

If you have been involved in weight training in your past and have taken a break of more than a few months it would be a good idea to slowly ease back into it.

With weight training, if you push to do too much initially you may perhaps end up hurting your muscle’s supporting tendons and ligaments. The key is not to dash in attempting to try to do the same routine that you were doing but doing less sets.

What I try after a long time-out is go to the health club and exercise on the motionless bicycle for 15-2o minutes first to warm my body up. Next, I may choose only a single specific body part per day to train. If you are an elderly individual or you have a bigger frame you might want to stay on this type of exercise program even following your initial break-in period.

Let’s look at training the chest for example. If I was able to bench press 300 pounds before I took a break I will begin my first training session with 135 pounds and do 3 or 4 sets of high reps in the 15-20 range. Fine-tune your weights to match your preferences. Afterward I may do 3 sets of flat dumbbell flyes yet again with more reps so as not to put too much strain on my tendons and ligaments.

Adhere to these same strategies for all body parts and don’t forget to increase the weights and repetitions slowly and inside a month you’ll be right back to intense weight training again and working towards your goals.