Tips for Locating Free Photoshop Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

Have you been looking for Photoshop digital scrapbooking tutorials on the internet?You might hesitate to use any of these tutorials because they are often very expensive or somewhat useless.Usually, those that are free are very basic and don’t give you a lot of detailed instructions to get you beyond the beginner stage.  Of course Photoshop has the right to do this; they can certainly offer any tutorials they want and charge for any they want as well.Still there are places you can find free and decent quality Photoshop digital scrapbook tutorials.  Whether it’s to start digital scrapbooking or other kinds of tutorials, you need to know where to look online.

One great website to check out is YouTube.  This is because many scrappers upload their own Photoshop digital scrapbooking tutorials to YouTube.Because it is easy and free to use, there are many tutorials for all kinds of subjects on this site, from how to put on false eyelashes to buidling your own catapult, and yes, even free Photoshop digital scrapbooking tutorials.Scrapbookers put up these videos because they love using Photoshop for their digital scrapbooking layouts, but they also know how hard it can be to learn the program on your own and then use the program to design digital scrapbooks.Other scrapbookers love to share scrapbooking baby. You can check out YouTube and search on the home page for scrapbooking and Photoshop, and you will get plenty of choices to choose from!

Of course YouTube isn’t the only site that has free Photoshop digital scrapbooking tutorials.  Many people upload their videos to different scrapbooking sites that allow videos on their forums or they upload them to their own sites as well.  Many who sell scrapbook supplies online also provide video tutorials and these are not difficult to find.If you use a search engine like Google or Yahoo and do a search under “Video” for “Photoshop digital scrapbooking tutorials” you will see many videos in that category.

Video Photoshop digital scrapbooking tutorials is more useful than reading instructions because it’s better to actually be able to see how things are done.  Computer programs especially can be difficult to understand when you’re just reading the instructions.However, if you are able to follow along with Photoshop digital scrapbooking tutorials in video, you will do much better learning and will have a better understanding fo the concepts they are teaching.  This means you can use the information in the tutorial and apply it to your own projects and new digital albums that you create with Photoshop.Jessica Sprage who writes for Creating Keepsakes magazine provides video scrapbooking tutorials on her site, and some of them are free for you to try out.  You will definitely want to check out jessica sprague online. Once you begin learning digital scrapbooking, you’re going to want to learn even more to enhance your digital scrapbooking page layouts.