The Gallery Picture Frame Difference and Why They’re So Popular

If you’re looking for the best way to create a stunning wall display with lots of eye appeal, gallery frames are the perfect choice. Don’t know about gallery frames? You are not alone. Gallery frames are one of the least well known types of photo frames yet they’re one of the best ways to make your pictures stand out. This article will explain what gallery frames are and the best type of gallery frames to make your pictures look their best.

Gallery frames have simple moldings and are designed to place emphasis on the picture and not on the frame itself. Gallery frames often have wide picture frame mats that lead the eye away from the frame and straight to the picture.

When selecting a gallery frame, always know the exact picture or piece of artwork that you’re wanting to frame. The gallery frame should complement, not compete with, the look of the picture. Instead of just choosing a frame you like, you need to be aware of whether or not the style, color and type of gallery frame you select will accent your picture. This can be the difference between a nice display and one that really catches your eye.

Different Types of Gallery Frames

There are primarily two types of gallery picture frames: metal and wood. Either can be used with or without a picture frame mat.

The metal frames are often made of aluminum with a brushed or smooth metal finish and come in a variety of colors. Wood is generally more popular and comes in a large selection of colors like black, white, dark walnut, teak, rosewood or natural wood. 

Both types of gallery frames come in a wide selection of sizes. Gallery picture frames are often used to make a wall display using one style and color of frame in a variety of different sizes. This creates a gallery display that looks well planned and prevents your eye from being distracted from your pictures with different types of frames.

If you are looking for a more formal or professional look to your gallery photo wall, you will want to use picture mats with your gallery frames. Mats can add a extra dimension to your frame that helps draws your eye straight to the photo. Professional photographers and artists almost always use mats as they know the impact a mat can make on a picture or piece of artwork.

When you go to select a gallery frame, you can buy a quality pre-assembled gallery frame called a ready made frame or you can get a custom made gallery frame. There are pros and cons with both types of frames but generally ready made frames are more common because they are more affordable than a handmade custom frame.

If you buy a ready made gallery frame, they often don’t include a mat or, if they do, it’s a simple plain white mat. Many manufacturers do this because they figure that if you’re going to use a mat, you’ll want to select one that specifically goes with your picture. Buying a separate mat make take a little extra effort, but you can then choose a mat that will go perfectly with your picture. When choosing a mat, you want to select a mat that highlights the color you want to emphasize in your picture or artwork.

If you need to customize your gallery frame, your best choice is a custom picture frame. With a custom frame you can select frame color, molding style, material, size and mat color so you can have a unique, one of a kind look that you’ll be proud to display. Customizing your gallery frames can be expensive, but you will end up with a custom looking piece of artwork that really stands out.

Once you see what a difference a gallery frame can make to your piece of art, you’ll have fun turning your photographs and artwork into a beautiful display in your home.