Review: Dominate Farmville

The visual presentation of this guide is superb, however, it is lacking in the actual Farmville information that it delivers. You will be pleased by the truly professional looking, interesting and easy to understand charts that you have ever seen in a Farmville guide. The info, on the other hand, is not remarkable at all. There are lots of advices for the newcomer, but they seem quite obvious if you have ever opened a Farmville account before. The 7 Steps to Leveling Quickly point form chart may be deemed the most useful info provided by Dominate Farmville.

What You Will Get:

  • 44 pages
  • Talks about most major points of the game, but somewhat less on mechanics and specifics
  • Expansion guide
  • Quick leveling plan
  • Dead file link?
  • Costs 26.99 dollars

The Advantages
Dominate Farmville lays out the game for beginners and gradually points out tips to intermediate players as well. The writer has brought together a few of the most common “secrets” and techniques in the 7 Steps to Leveling Quickly section. The visual appearance of the info is high-quality, expert job with lots of graphics and screenshots.

The Weaknesses
It is tiresomely long. Rather than using short useful descriptions in the table of contents, this guide uses sentences. And when you get there, it’s really more of the same. Farmville Domination would be more comprehensible if quick bites of information and bulleting are used. Data becomes obscured in the pure long-windedness of a sentence but charts sort of tidy things up a tad. The expansion guide and so-called “Bonus Quick Leveling Plan” are utter fluff. The information is not necessary for rewarding gameplay and can be effortlessly located elsewhere. Dominate Farmville also needs a serious update; though, that’s reasonable with Zynga’s constant updates. It is an intermediate guide with excellent graphics. This may be your best option if you are use images to learn.

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