Portaloo Hire Helped my Holiday From Going Down the Swannie.

How I Managed to Save My Holiday with Portaloo Hire Mark AttwoodI was camping with my friends in Devon after finishing my exams.It was the summer before we were all due to go off to our separate universities, so we were determined to have a good time.Although the campsite was a very basic, it was facing the beach and had an amazing view of the landscape.We spent all our days swimming and snorkelling and at night we would all huddle by the campfire and talk for hours.

One night, the weather went from good to bad with torrential rain beating down on our tent.We obviously decided to stay in the tent and played cards til the early morning.Out tent remained resilient against the bad weather and toughed it out all night.We awoke the next morning and walked down to the showers to find out that the toilets were in disrepair because the bad weather had caused floods.

The owner of the campsite, a farmer, was running around like a headless chicken, he had all these campers and no toilets in working order.The health and safety aspect was pretty big – so the door of his house was open for anyone who was desperate to go.He looked very angry as he tried unsuccessfully to get a plumber to do an emergency call out.I then had a thought, I rang my Dad on my mobile phone.Little did the farmer know that my dad was in charge of a  {hire company!~I was about to save the situation – my dad was managing director of a Mark Attwood company!~It was obvious – my Dad was the director of a company – I was about to save the day!}

I arranged for the hire of ten portaloos to arrive as quick as possible.I let the farmer know what was happening – he hugged me telling me I’d saved his bacon.the driver arrived with the lovely portable toilets on the back.~Pretty soon after, one of my Dad’s vans came onsite and set up the units by the washrooms.~Within no time at all, the wagon carrying the units arrived on site and were placed down by the shower units.}The driver found the whole story very amusing but calmed the farmer down by letting him have the portaloo hire units onsite unitl the normal toilets were fixed.

My friends and I spent that day at the beach, the sun was beating down and when I returned to the tent that evening, the farmer and his wife had left a thank you note, with some porkpies and bottles of their farm’s own cider.We sat down and enjoyed the presents, and soon bacame best friends with the farmer and his wife.It might not be glamorous, but sometimes it pays off to know someone in the portable toilet industry!

mark attwood