Old Man Winter Can’t Beat Cotton Flannel Bedding

There is nothing more comfortable in the winter season than flannel bed sheets.  With today’s beds coming in many shapes and sizes bedding manufucturers have been put to the test to provide colours and patterns to make your bedroom a success.  People who require kids cotton flannel bed sheet sets will find plenty of colors and patterns to suit them. You should have no trouble finding a look that suits your tastes and needs.

About flannel.

Flannel is made of cotton with other materials often added to give it additional strength and warmth.  It is the bed sheet of choice during freezing weather and storms.

What about thread count?

There are different ways to rate the comfort level of flannel and thread count is just one of them  Look for thread counts above 200 as below this the fabric can feel stiff  Higher thread counts in excess of 400 are a reliable indicator of a luxury sheet.  If you are ever in doubt as to the value of a sheet just hold it up to the light and test it for density.

Rating flannel by mass

Flannel is a unique fabric in that it is also rated by mass of flannel per square yard which many manufacturers feel to be a more appropriate rating method due to the varying weight of different qualities of fabric.  A high quality flannel should weigh about four ounces per square yard.  Families may need fleece Taos theme blanket throws in bright colors to liven up the bedrooms of the younger set.

Most sheets come in sets which include one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases but the super single bed sheet sets come with only one pillow case and the California king sets come with pillow cases designed for king size pillows.  The remaining sizes come with standard pillowcases.  The many colour schemes and design themes of flannel bed sheets result in an almost endless supply of bedroom decor options.  For the adventurous couple wool plush mattress pads will add style, fun and beauty to the master bedroom of the home.