Know the Different Perfume Types

When choosing a fragrance, whether as part of a perfume gift set or not, have you ever been confused by the way the perfume is described? There are a number of fragrance labels. The reason for this confusion is our love of trying to shorten and simplify things. This refers to how pure the fragrance content is. The different types are explained below.

Perfume extract. This is the purest form of fragrance money can buy. This type contains 15 – 40% aromatic compounds (typically 20%). Naturally it is the highest priced too. The are the purest extract that you can buy, with the strongest scent. The scent will also be longer lasting than the other fragrance types. Eau de Parfum is not the same thing. Also still containing a hgih extract, it is limited to 10 – 20% (typically 15%).

Eau de Toilette. This type of fragrance typically employs 10% (although it can be n the range of 5 – 15%) aromoatic compounds. It provides a strong enough scent to match a price more acceptable to people. Eau de Toilette matches needs with budget.

Eau de Cologne. At the budget end, it contains 3 – 8% (typically 5%) aromoatic compounds. As you can imagine, the strength of the scent is much less than perfume and eau de toilette. And the scent will not last as long either. Fragrances lacking base notes in particular may be called Eau de Cologne.

Great for use after freshening up or shaving. This type contains 1 – 3% concentration. Again great gifts for the adolescent teen in their early years.

When choosing a perfect gift set, bear these differences in mind. Perfume is a great choice for someone special to you. For someone that is special to you, buy Eau de Parfum. Early teen adolescents should appreciate Eau de Cologne perfume gift set.