How to Decorate Your Farm

It can be easy or tough to design. It only depends on what you like. Some individuals choose a theme; others purchase any items that they like. As you level up you will unlock other items—some things will be inaccessible to you for a while, like the Greenhouse or Villa. Visit Farmville Levels for the specifics; it discusses in detail how unlocking items works for the initial 15 levels.

A well-made field is also needed. Remember that if you like to level up, you need to be able to plant on a regular basis and harvest your farm. You may find this rather tough if it’s too full and messy.


One of the most enchanting and very peaceful farms I’ve ever seen on Farmville was an Asian themed rice paddy and green tea plantation. It showcased the Pagoda and Tea House which overlooked the Large Pond. Swans, ducks and turtles were selected by the owner as his/her farm animals. The tea fields and paddy were arranged in a design that appeared a bit like swirls of a zen garden. I have been toying with the idea of starting a second farm just to create my own Oriental getaway because I ltruly loved it!

Old-Time Farming

Go old-style and design with all the accessories a homesteader would utilize on their 1800’s era farm! Some amazing selections would include the log cabin, workshop, weathered barn and natural wood fencing. Skip the odd animals for this type of farm, try horses, pigs, cows (avoid peculiar colors!) and chickens. Don’t forget that California farmer can grow lemon trees but an Idaho farmer cannot get away with it. Be sure to remember to add stylish designs such as the Woodpile, Covered Wagon, Outhouse and, Axe and Block.

Funky Farm

This is not just for the black sheep of the farming family; this is for the neon green sheep with a mohawk as well! With oddball harvests, strange extras and green and pink farm animals, you can unleash your inner groove. The Groovy Barn is an absolute must, although the Pink Barn is a close second. Use colorful hay bales and fences to get your point across—you’re a unique individual and not frightened to use it! Allow your fancy to decide what goes on a farm this cool. Do not fret too much!


Each event will have its specific set of limited time items for you to decorate your field with. Some examples of remarkable events are the Carnival, Christmas, Alien Invasion and Thanksgiving. Stock up on an item immediately if you stumble upon anything you want because it may never be obtainable again!

Additional concepts to help you brainstorm:

Girly Girl Farm ( plenty of pink items are essential for this kind of farm)
Haunted Farm (Halloween items are needed)
English Manor House (Manor + huge ornamental gardens. Geometric shapes, a hedge maze, and don’t forget the topiaries!)

Crop mastery is a relatively new feature in Farmville. If you want additional information regarding mastering any of the Farmville Crops, visit Farmville Crop Mastery.