Herbs and Infertility In Men and Women

Not so long ago plants and herbs provided natural remedies for all kinds of ailments and diseases. The use of herbs has continued to the forefront in the East, and in so called ‘less developed’ civilisations, but is now becoming popular once again in this part of the world.

Herbs can be very successful when used to treat infertility problems. If you have never considered an herbal alternative to help you conceive, let me introduce you to some of the most popular herbal supplements and more effective use in the treatment of infertility. You can find out more about Infertility in my new ebook – How To Cure Infertility – Naturally

Herbs For Female Infertility

Licorice – yes this is actually a herb, and it is very useful for women who have high testosterone levels, as it helps in bringing them back to a more normal level. But licorice should not be used where you have high blood pressure.

Vitex – is a slow acting herb and may take several months to build up in your system. When using vitex to treat infertility you can take it up to 12 to 18 months before pregnancy occurs. Another note of caution – you cannot take vitex while taking the fertility drug Clomid – or any drug like Clomid. Vitex helps improve fertility chances where there are hormonal imbalances.

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) – lowers cholesterol, helps to alleviate PMS and most importantly here, aids in the production of fertile quality cervical fluid, also known as “egg white cervical mucus.” This is because fertile cervical fluid is thin, watery, clear and “stretchy” and easily aids the sperm to swim through the uterus and into the fallopian tube, and to the egg. If there is a lack in this type of cervical fluid, it can impede and/or prevent fertilization. Drinking plenty of water and taking EPO can help in the production of fertile cervical fluid. Also, this type of fluid helps the sperm to stay alive for up to 5 days inside the fallopian tube, and thus enables conception to happen, even if you don’t have intercourse again by the time the ovulation occurs.

Herbs For Male Infertility

According to various studies on reproduction, up to 60% of infertile couples have difficulty conceiving due to abnormalities in the male’s sperm, so it is extremely important to consider herbal solutions for men as well as women. Consider each of these herbs before using, as there are certain side effects you ma need to counter – such as stomach upset.

Fo -Ti – This herb is known to increase sperm count, as it cleanses the body by cleaning the kidneys and liver, which in turn cleanses the blood. It has been known to increase energy and restore impaired sexual function. Side effects may include stomach upset and/or skin rashes~{Side effects can include stomach upset or skin rashes}~Side effects can include stomach upset or skin rashes}. High doses of Fo-Ti can also cause numbness of the extremities.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is known to contain aphrodisiac properties that help to prevent loss of the libido and to strengthen the male reproductive system.It is also great for the prostate gland.Side effects can include stomach upset, or diarrhoeia.

Damiana – This herb supports glandular health and acts as an aphrodisiac.It can be used to support sexual health and treat impotency.  Side effects may include stomach upset.

Yohimbe – Yohimbe treats impotence by dilating blood vessels allowing more blood to reach the penis. It increases blood flow and sensitivity to nerves in the pelvic region.  It also increases the central nervous system functions. Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, insomnia and anxiety.  Only use the recommended dose, and consult an herbalist for advice on dosage. Yohimbe should not be used with foods that contain a high amount of tyramine.People with kidney disease, or peptic ulcers, should take care when using this herb.

Cayenne – Cayenne is known to improve circulation and increase the metabolic rate.Side effects can include stomach upset, or diarrhoeia, runny nose and/or throat pain~Side effects could include stomach upset, runny nose and/or throat pain}.Caution should be taken by people with stomach problems, diabetes, alcohol dependence and/or liver disease.

Pumpkin Seed – Pumpkin Seed strengthens the prostate gland, improves male hormone function and helps with muscular contractions. Side effects may include breathing problems, chest pain, hives and/or diarrhea.

Cranberry – Cranberry can help to keep the kidneys functioning properly. It helps so that zinc is not lost through the urine.It will relieve problems with urination. Caution should be used by people with diabetes, alcohol dependence and/or liver disease.

Pycnogenol – is a natural (antioxidant) plant extract which may increase normally functioning sperm naturally, and couples may be able to avoid in-vitro fertilization, and either enjoy improved natural fertility or undergo less invasive and less expensive fertility-promoting procedures.

Herbs For Infertility – Male and Female

There are certain herbs that have been proven to assist in increasing the chances of overcoming infertilityfor both men and women. Here we itemise some of the medicinal herbs that are commonly used.

Ginseng – a common herb that is popular in the East (where it is consumed widely in teas and health products), ginseng is known to be very helpful in balancing the menstrual cycle, but also improves fertility in both men and women. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Ginseng stimulates the body, improves circulation, increases blood supply, and aids recovery from weakness after illness, and. It can help to increase testosterone levels, semen count, and to increase sexual desire, as well as increase the mobility of sperm. This herb will decrease erectile dysfunction and will help to increase overall fertility. Side effects may include blood pressure changes, diarrhea, heart rate changes, insomnia, and nervousness, so use caution. It can be found in supplement form.

Maca – is a herb that given to women with a lower than average libido, and also enhances the workings of the female sexual organs. Natural maca herbs nourish hormonal glands and helps men and women with natural hormone production to increase fertility. This herb is a great fertility enhancer, and there are few known side effects.It is often used to treat impotence, and increase testosterone levels.  {It is also known as an aphrodisiac and to reduce erectile dysfunction~It is known as an aphrodisiac~{Also considered to be an aphrodisiac, it will decrease the incidence of erectile dysfunction}~Also considered as an aphrodisiac, this will decrease the incidence of erectile dysfunction~Widely considered to be an aphrodisiac, this will decrease the incidence of erectile dysfunction~Also considered as an aphrodisiac, this can decrease the occurance of erectile dysfunction~{Also considered an aphrodisiac, this can reduce the occurance of erectile dysfunction}~Also considered to be an aphrodisiac, it can reduce the occurance of erectile dysfunction}.It can help to increase sperm mobility and improve sperm count. It is widely regarded as the best herb for fertility treatment.

Epimedium – a herb commonly known as ‘ horny goatweed’, this herb has been extensively used in Chinese medicine to treat all types of sexual problems, including difficulty in conceiving. This herb will improve overall reproductive health. It is also known as an aphrodisiac.It increases sperm production and stimulates increased sexual desire. It can assist by producing androgen hormones. Some herbs can cause serious side effects if combined with other herbs, over-the-counter drugs, or prescription medication. Consult with an herbalist or naturopath for help determining which remedies might be right for you.

Flax seed Oil – For men it is important because flax seed oil ingredients help maintain a healthy sperm and prevent impotence. Flaxseed Oil can help to improve ‘sperm health’, ind generally improve male potency. Flaxseed oil is an excellent herbal supplement to take when trying to promote fertility, and achieve conception.

The estrogen in flaxseed helps stabilize the transformation of the estrogen-progesterone ratio, which is important for fertility, and the relief of symptoms of various woman’s issues. Flaxseed oil can improve the uterine function and thus treat fertility problems. Also, the essential fatty acids in flaxseed oil have been shown to block production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that, when released in excess amounts during menstruation, will cause heavy bleeding, as associated with endometriosis.

In conclusion – this list is not exhaustive, but if you are trying to improve your ability to conceive then you should definitely consider these natural products, as herbal remedies are now being used by men and women all around the world. For more information on infertility you can download my ebook – Overcome Infertility – Naturally.

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