Bee’s Wax Candle Making is Youngster-Friendly

If you’ve ever dreamed of producing candles as a family but have been too scared to expose your children to the danger of being burned or of cuts, you can try bee’s wax candle making.  Making candles utilizing bee’s wax sheets is one of the most excellent ways to improve connection among the family members.  Before we get to the how, let’s talk about what bee’s wax candles are. These beeswax candles can be seen in church altars and ceremonial dining tables.  This type of candle typically comes in candle containers, but the really stylish ones are molded.  Bee’s wax can be purchased from art stores or beekeepers in lumps or fine sheets.

The distinction between these two kinds of bee’s wax has something to do with the process involved in crafting candles from the natural ingredients.  Bee’s wax blocks are normally melted in a double boiler and then transferred into holders and containers.  This is the conventional way of producing any kind of candle.  If you’re working alone, you can go for the traditional technique of candle making, but you cannot let your kids get too near the heat source because of the hazards involved.  Luckily, there’s an unconventional way of producing candles out of beeswax.

The unconventional technique will involve the usage of bee’s wax sheets.  In this system, you don’t need to use heat or a double boiler.  This means you don’t have to utilize heat as you will not be liquefying wax.  However, you will want to cut the wax yourself before letting your kids handle it.

In some cases, you don’t even have to slice the bee’s wax sheets because some stores offer pre-cut ones.  Just remember, the form and style of your candles will depend on how the sheets were cut prior to rolling.  Utilize a very sharp pair of cutters to cut the wax.

You can also use a craft knife or an average paring knife.  The span of the bee’s wax sheet will be the handmade candle’s height.  If you want to create tapered candles, you will want to slice your bee’s wax sheets in triangles.  You will need to prime the wicks and position them on the sheets of bee’s wax prior to letting the younger family members handle the sheets.

Priming your wick means covering it in melted bee’s wax prior to placement on one side of your sheet.  Put the wick on one end of the bee’s wax sheet and crease the side of the sheet over the primed wick.

Now, we get to the fun part.

Give one sheet of bee’s wax to your family members and let them roll the bee’s wax sheet into a firm tube.  The whole procedure is similar to rolling dough prior to baking.  Little kids might call for some help rolling the wax.  Teach your kids how to employ a firm but gentle pressure to roll the bee’s wax.  The bee’s wax sheets are lightweight enough to be molded into a cylinder by hand.  Several bee’s wax sheets are colored by the merchandisers beforehand so you do not have to be troubled about rolling only white or gold-colored bee’s wax sheets.  Select pastel colors to entice your younger members to join in your new family custom.

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