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Do creations from scrapbooking pens facinate you?Do you ever wonder how professional scrapbook artist produce eye-catching journals and titles? Well, need not to be because you yourself can do it. Just know which scrapbooking pens are appropriate to use. The following will tell you everything you need to know about scrapbooking pens.




These pens do not contain harmful alcohol-based chemicals that will lighten and disappear right away. Acid-free pens resist fading over time and do not smear.

The following are the types of acid-free scrapbooking pens:

  • Felt-tip pen / Marker Pen – a pen that has its own ink-source and a tip made up of a porous material such as felt or nylon. Felt tip pen / marker pen can be used for writing titles, journals, etc. Tip styles are as follows
  • Fine tip pen – has a very small tip which is usually measured in millimeters (ranges from .005mm to .08mm). This is great for outlining, adding details and doing your scrapbooking journals.
  • Double-tipped point pen ­– has a very fine tip on one end and a bullet tip on the other part. You can use this in writing titles in order to illustrate the color better.
  • Calligraphy pen – creates grand-looking titles and captions. Its tip is flat and broad that can produce letters that are beautiful and ribbonlike when held at a 45-degree angle. This gives elegance to your scrapbook.
  • Gel pen – can be used to create doodles. This pen comes in variety of colors with glitters which is typically being written on black platform to make your work very captivating.


If you want to use storage drawers in organizing your scrapbooking pens, be reminded to place it horizontally so that the ink will be distributed evenly. However, if you are on a tight budget, just simply look for an old shoe box in your storage room and place it in the same manner.

You can use a pen cup that has compartments that can be bought from any office supply store and simply laying your scrapbook pens on their side to have easy and accessible storage. This can also be substituted by tin cans, plastic pencil cases, make-up organizers and/or clear acrylic boxes.

Organizing your pens by color provides ease in finding complimentary colors and in scrapbooking; color is known to be the key in layout design. You may sort out colors in this order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Naturals/White and Grey/Black. You may also organize it according to its thickness and type.

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