5 Quick And Easy Tips To Build Your Fitness Fast

Not everyone wants to build muscle up and look like a bodybuilder, sprint like an Olympian or be as skinny as a marathon runner. However many people do want to get themselves into decent shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive healthy appearance and feel. These five tips will actually aid you in doing that

1) Ingest smaller meals more frequently. Doing this increases the speed at which your body uses up its reserves of calories, otherwise known as its metabolic rate. By raising this rate you can of course shed pounds and decrease your weight faster. If you only eat once or twice a day your body thinks it is starving and that it has to hold onto the energy it has and so chooses a much slower metabolic rate. If however you eat regular meals your body feels free to use up its supply of energy as it knows it is getting more soon hence a faster metabolic rate.

2) Swap steady state exercises for interval training workouts. Interval training involves short bursts of energy maybe for a minute or two which are very intense, these are then followed by period of much easier activity. For example you might jog for a couple of minutes then run at 80-90% of your maximum for a minute and then jog again for 2 minutes. Twenty minutes doing this can provide a tough and excellent workout. Running, swimming and cycling are excellent exercises to use this approach with although it can be applied to virtually any type. This is better for you as you can burn off more calories in a shorter space of time, you will find that you average heart rate over the twenty minutes is higher than if you did a long continuous jog. It is less boring and as you increase your level of fitness you can increase the difficulty of your routine. 

3) Workout doing circuit trining. There is a reason why armed forces use this type of exercise. Quite simply it is a great allround muscle workout. Doing this can improve both your muscle endurance and strength. There are countless routines you can prove and you can keep a track of your progress very easily.

4) Consume lots of water. Your body is around 80% water so clearly to function properly a good supply of water is required. This helps your mind stay alert and also aids the body in getting rid of potentially damaging toxins.

5) Join your friends for training sessions. This provides you with extra motivation to participate and will keep you participating for longer. It allows you to have fun and stops you from getting bored at the same time.

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