Who Would Want to Learn Martial Arts

The reasons why people begin studying a martial art are varied. For some it is about learning how to defend oneself from an attack and for others it is about the competitive aspect. And still for others, it is just a fun and interesting way to stay in good shape. When it comes to maintaining good health, participating in martial arts is great because you are able to exercise virtually every muscle in the body. With the current obesity levels in North America, kids classes in martial arts offer an easy way to encourage our youth to exercise.

When you first start learning any of the martial arts, you will usually discover your limitations in terms of flexibility. However, after weeks of regularly stretching as part of each class, and learning different martial art techniques, you will discover improvements in how far you’re able to stretch. This leads to better balance and a lower risk of straining muscles and joints. You will also be making it much easier for blood and nutrients to flow more effectively throughout your body. Your posture will improve, which can reduce problems when you are older, and it will be less likely that you will have lower back pain.

Another obvious benefit that studying one of the martial arts will provide is an increase in your cardiovascular energy levels. This means that your heart will be able to work harder and therefore the chance of developing a heart disease will be lessened. Other risks associated with low cardio lifestyles, like obesity and diabetes, are also minimized by the exercise provided when studying martial arts. Fatigue and shortness of breath are also problems that participation in the fighting arts can help alleviate. Jiu-jitsu books will often mention this increase in health as a benefit to studying jiu-jitsu.

After several weeks of practicing a martial art, you will begin to notice some immediate changes to your body chemistry. The wide range of exercises that martial arts provide will improve the efficiency of your central nervous system and you will notice higher energy levels. Your mood will improve and you will start to feel more self confident, which will continue to help you with your training. You will feel sharper and able to do far more than what you were able to do before, simply from an increase in energy.

If everyone studied a martial art, then there would be a massive drop in the obesity levels currently being seen in North America. If kids classes for martial arts were started in schools, there would be a noticeable change in that the students would be stronger and healthier, and they would feel better about themselves mentally. Taking care of your mind and body is essential for a healthy life and one way to do so is through the study of martial arts.

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