What To Get For Christmas?

Have you still not decided on what you want this Christmas, well take a look at some of the things listed here to see if you can geta better idea. Is there anything you could ask for at the moment that you would see immediate benefit from over the Christmas period?


It is certainly safe to say that if you asked for the 360 or PS3 it would be a great idea if you havent already got one of them. This is simply because you will most likely have a fair bit of time off over the Christmas period to sit back and relax as you kill loads of locust on Gears of War 2 or save the world on something like Uncharted 2. If you wanted to be a bit greedy you could just ask for the both of them! Of course this is something that your partner will not feel happy doing.


If you ask for jewellery from your boyfriend or husband make sure that you tell them exactly what you are after and they may be able to do it. It is very unlikely but then again it could happen… maybe.


There are so many things out there for both men and women and the iphone has to be one of the top things on the list. The iPhone seems to have been something that has battled through the recession and won the support of thousands of people and because I have one myself I can really not argue why it is a bad phone at all.

Is askign for a laptop perhaps one of the best things to do. Okay it isn’t all about working from home and it is much easier to have more than one computer/laptop in the house (as we have learnt) as there are no longer arguments on who is using the computer at what time.

Of course it is also best to get some gadget insurance for all of this and optimising on insurance on something like iPhone insurance is the best way for it.

If its a pet you are going after then you need puppy insurance.