What are the parts of an automobile that must be always maintained

The car is one of the most essential part of our lives it seems.We practically use it everyday wherever we go and whatever we do.When we go to play or when we go to school we use it.Since a car is very important to us it must also make sense that we should take care of it as well.Especially considering the price you paid to purchase it.In this article we are going to look at some of the parts car which are important to be maintained.

The engine is obviously one of the most important parts of the car that must be maintained.It akes sense because a car would not be a car without an engine.Neglect the engine and then you would not have a functioning car.A simple thing as changing the oils of the engine regularly would suffice. I recommend to all my clients of my San Diego auto repair shop to change their oil regularly.

Another way to take care of your engine is to make it undergo regular tuneups.Tuneups would be good for your car cause it can detect small problems of your car which can worsen into bigger problems. You get to replace fluids and filters. Plus by doing regular tune ups you will keep your car running clean. That is one of the major causes of failing a smog test in my San Diego smog check shop.

Another part of the car which are important to maintain are the breaks.Taking care of your brakes has several reasons.The most obvious reason is of course the safety of the passengers.It is your brakes that can save your life if you have stop immediately. It is also the part that can harm you if it fails.And although it is a very small part of a car it is still expensive to repair it. People are shocked in my San Diego brakes service how expensive it could be.

So those are the parts of the car that you must always maintain.