Take Time Out To Remember Your Past

There is a belief that what is irrevocably gone (i.e. yesterday) cannot be bridged with what is unknown (tomorrow). The same belief can be applied to the closed chapter of one’s past life and the unfolding history of the present one. I want to tell you that yes, a bridge can be built between one’s past and present lives. Whatever your religion might be � Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Kabalah amongst others � there’s usually no bar to believing in rebirth or reincarnation.

Unfortunately, most of us are only interested in the happenings of our prior lifetimes due to curiosity. The will to change our present lives for good is what makes Past Life Regression (PLR) such a beneficial therapy.

This is what Past Life Regression (PLR) a science that can be applied to improve ourselves is. Going through PLR actually benefits us and that’s what all of us want, isn’t it? Quintessentially, through PLR, you’ll learn about ‘yesterday’ we talked of above so as to have better ‘tomorrows’.

A past life regression session begins with hypnosis that is done by a skilled person familiar with the therapy; it is possible to do this yourself as well. Before you begin it is a good idea to have several sessions that are affirmations, this allows the mind to accept that the past life memories are okay to remember.

You shouldn’t go in for PLR therapy just for fun. You have to believe certain things.

Past life is a part of our present life. The memory of events from previous lives is hidden somewhere in the unconscious that just needs some external help to bring it to life.

Mere knowledge of past life experiences add up to nothing. The knowledge gained thus, must be put to practical use in the present life for better results.

Past life, experiences can be taken and used to make a positive change in this present life. Learning from the mistakes you made in your previous life can help you avoid them in this one.

All this will probably sound quite reasonable to lots of folks, including you, but naturally there’ll always be skeptics who’ll dismiss PLR as just so much poppycock.

Whether you are a believer or not experts still say that you can benefit from past life regression therapy for a couple of reasons.

*If you benefit from what you learn and apply them in this present life, then you could really say that they were actually past life experience.

*You may believe that everything you remember is an active imagination, and that is okay. You can still experience a release that frees your mind; this could allow the creative process to flow and lead to health and success.

So, what are all the benefits we are looking for by undergoing Past Life Regression?

*It helps in healing the past emotional traumas that are wrecking havoc in our present lives.

*It helps in bringing about clarity of thought and decision making in our personality.

*Learning from the mistakes committed in the past prevents the repetition of those mistakes in the present life. For instance, you may have acted cruelly against someone in your past life. This knowledge will help you avoid the same behavior in your present life.

*It helps in bringing to the fore the hidden talents and skills. There are certain talents you had in the past life that remain obscure in the unconscious mind of the present life. The acknowledgment and bringing out of such talents could change your life for good forever.

*Understanding the past life experiences answers a lot of burning questions about one�s attributes, personality, characteristics, etc. in the present life.

Past Life Regression is certainly a win-win proposition for believers and disbelievers. If you want to make a positive change in your present life, it is definitely worth trying!