Remembering your Past Is The Key To The Future

There is a belief that what is irrevocably gone (i.e. yesterday) cannot be bridged with what is unknown (tomorrow). The same belief can be applied to the closed chapter of one’s past life and the unfolding history of the present one. I want to tell you that yes, a bridge can be built between one’s past and present lives. Whatever your religion might be � Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Kabalah amongst others � there’s usually no bar to believing in rebirth or reincarnation.

Unfortunately, most of us are only interested in the happenings of our prior lifetimes due to curiosity. The will to change our present lives for good is what makes Past Life Regression (PLR) such a beneficial therapy.

Scientists of today are beginning to see that there are benefits to past life regression therapy. Studies have shown that people can make big changes in their life for the better once they have dealt with horrible things that happened to them in a past life.

The process involves usually a hypnosis session with a Past Life Regression expert, or it can also be done via self hypnosis. It is also a good idea to include regular affirmations sessions, to prepare the subconscious mind to accept that it is okay to remember your past lives.

Before embarking on a Past Life Regression session, you must be absolutely certain and believe in some things.

The past is hidden in the present. Therefore it influences the latter. PLR jogs past memories and brings them forefront.

Mere knowledge of past life experiences add up to nothing. The knowledge gained thus, must be put to practical use in the present life for better results.

The objective is to arrange your subconscious mind to freely allow your current conscious mind to accept the notion that it must accept the idea that past life understanding is good for you. That’s the first step and since it’s an important one using the services of a PLR expert is recommended.

All this will probably sound quite reasonable to lots of folks, including you, but naturally there’ll always be skeptics who’ll dismiss PLR as just so much poppycock.

Whether you are a believer or not experts still say that you can benefit from past life regression therapy for a couple of reasons.

*If you benefit from the lessons of such events by applying them to the present life, then these were indeed, the past life experiences.

*Even if you think these events are pure figments of your imagination, the cathartic release you may get from experiencing such thoughts may free-up your mind of something that is blocking your health, success, and creativity.

Exactly what are all the benefits to a past life regression session?

*Past life, traumas can wreck pain and destruction in your present life, this will heal that.

*Your decision making and clarity will be much enhanced.

*Learning from the mistakes committed in the past prevents the repetition of those mistakes in the present life. For instance, you may have acted cruelly against someone in your past life. This knowledge will help you avoid the same behavior in your present life.

*It can bring to mind special talents or skills you have forgotten. You certainly had skills in that life that have been buried in your subconscious. Bringing them out could change your life.

*Opening windows into the past opens up doors for future benefit.

Too good to be true? Just try PLR and find out for yourself! You can’t lose because it’s a win-win situation where there are no losers.