Prepping Up Your Home through Votive Candles

In order to make your house look prettier, you can make use of various sorts of candle holders as interior accessories. Usually, people use votive candle holder where they can put the whole volume of the votive candles in order to enliven the environment of the house and to make the house smell with a unique fragrance that only candles can give.

These votive candles holders can be large or small to fit all sizes of votive candles, as well as coming in round or rectangular shapes to fit the different varieties of candles.

Votive Candle Options

Votive candle holders that are made of glass give individuals a variety of options with their candle choices. There are plain-surfaced candle holders which come in quadrangle shapes or in spherical forms which are mostly used to stop the melting part of the burning candle to avoid messing up your beloved home furniture through when they get candle droppings which are sometimes be difficult to remove. 


For the candles which are more in height than the others and those which are shaped like quadrangles and spheres, there are holders through which they can slip through. These can be bought in a slightly larger size than is necessary for the candle so that colored rocks or other decorative items can be placed in the votive candle holder to add even more color to the candle or to change things up for the different seasons.

Besides glass votive candle holders, there are also holders that are made of metal material, such as a burnished bronze look.  These can be flat or a container shape, such as mentioned above for the glass holders, but they can also come on legs so that the candle is lifted into the air. In addition, there are metal candle holders that will hold more than one candle at a time, often at different levels so that it creates a unique look for the room.

There are other votive candle holders that are made in decorative designs to fit the style of the room.  For instance, there is a holder that has a square base and is filled with rocks. {The center of the holder is a fountain, and around the fountain are four different candles, each standing at a different level. These holders may have a fountain standing right at the middle and surrounded with candles placed at varying distances from the bottom and from the fountain itself.}

 It is a unique combination of water and light that can add a certain peace to any room. Other votive candle holders are also carefully carved with the shapes imitating the appearance of objects and nature around us. A votive candle holder may be designed with the outline of a palm tree with a candle that rests on top.

There are also votive candle holders that are designed to be used for special occasions or holidays, such as a snowman candle holder for the winter months or a heart shaped candle holder for those romantic Valentine’s Day dinners.