Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Information

Before you start searching kitchen cabinet refacing companies just read through this very informative write-up. My intention here is to discuss some pretty important issues and help you make an informed decision about redoing your kitchen cabinets.

There are some many websites that claim to provide articles that are all about kitchen cabinet refacing but end up mixing the ideas and suggestions made with replacement. Allow me to briefly share some thoughts on this subject matter.

What is Kitchen cabinet refacing?

This is a way of making old kitchen cabinets to look new by adding a new coating such as laminate, veneer or thermofoil. In most occasion you may just have to replace the drawer fronts and doors only.  Ideally the process is easier and faster than a complete kitchen remodel.

When compared to buying new cabinets, refacing is way cheaper. All in all then, it is the most efficient, affordable and hassle-free way to boost your kitchen’s look and feel.

Below I review some of the most common coating material used today  


Laminate is primarily made of plastic film or thin sheet formed from resins such as polyethylene and polypropylene. This is arguably the cheapest material to usebut it is most vulnerable to wear and tear. However, it works well in heat oil resistance and can seal heat perfectly.


This is considered to be a revolutionary new wood-like material for Cabinetry.  Sometimes referred to as Vinyl or RTF it comes as quite a thick vinyl film, which is bonded tightly on a warp-resistant engineered wood core.

Wood veneer

As the name states, this is wood. It is a thin slice that comes cut from a log with a sawing machine or a slicing or peeling machine. This is best for giving the wood a nice grain. There are many varieties of this feature. Ideally I recommend that you consult an export before making any decision on these.