How To Stop Pets Jumping Up On The Furniture

Keeping pets off your new furniture is not an easy task, as any one with experience in the mater will confirm. For some reason, pets love to lie on your beds, sit on your couch and even hide in your wardrobes. This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if they just sat that there, but this is rarely the case. Instead they claw at your bedding, chew up your couch and get mud all over your lovely white wardrobes. Don’t keep pulling your hair out though, here are some tips on keeping the pesky pets off.

Training. When all is said and done, investing the time in training your pet correctly will stop it ruining your lovely living room and bedroom-furniture. If you are lucky enough to be able to provide training from a young age then your pets will be more receptive to new training when they are older as well. You should instill the idea in your pets that furniture is for the use of people and not them. But at the very least they should know which places they are not allowed and to listen to your commands to get off anything they shouldn’t be on.

Pet deterrents
. If your lovely pets don’t listen to you and have no respect for your property whatsoever, you may need to be a little bit craftier in your approach. You can buy certain powders and sprays that cats, dogs and other animals simply detest. These tend to have quite citrusy smells that are pleasant to humans but are too much for animals with sensitive smell.

Discipline. If you have trained your pet then they will respond better to discipline, but any animal will learn if you go about it the right way. This doesn’t mean that you should hit your pets every time they jump on the chair or bedside cabinets, but instead be consistent with how you react when they do. Don’t tell them off one day and then turn a blind eye the next as this will just confuse.Provide a good amount of praise when your pets behave, and only tell them off using a loud voice and by moving them firmly from anywhere they shouldn’t be.