How To Overcome A Gag Reflex

When you’re unaware of what might be putting your life in danger your body quickly comes to the rescue. In biology this is referred to as an involuntary defence mechanism that is meant to protect you from dangers that you might not be aware of. The gag reflex is one such body response mechanism but sometimes it can have an uncomfortable feel to it and can greatly make you panic. The good thing is that there are proven ways of how to overcome a gag reflex.

Like I said before a gag reflex is an involuntary muscular contraction that is meant to protect you from harm. This contraction is carried out in the throat when you eat big sizes of food that have the potential to make you choke. So in the event of a gag reflex occurring the likelihood that you will have a panic attack triggered by the fear of its intensity you can actually have a panic attack.

When you panic as a result of the fact that you have an unexpected gag reflex the chances are that you will fall into a panic attack are very high. So in order to alleviate the many effects of a panic attack you must ensure that you calm down. In extreme cases a panic attack is best treated by deep and heavy breathing to ensure that your blood pressure goes down and that your brain isn’t deprived of oxygen; oxygen deprivation can make you faint.

Numbing the soft palate is one way of overcoming a gag reflex. The thing with the soft palate is that it is the one that actually triggers the gag reflex when it is in contact with food. So when you have regular gag reflexes you should try numbing the palate with any throat spray that can achieve this result.

Scientists claim that if you hum a tune whilst eating food you can prevent a gag reflex from occurring. They go on to claim that it is impossible for a gag reflex and humming to occur at the same time. So when you hum a tune there is no way you’re going to have a gag reflex.

Hypnosis is said to work for those people with risky eating habits. By risky eating habits it is meant that such people regularly eat huge portions of food resulting in them coming close to choking. So visiting a hypnotist will help you get such a conditioned action stalled for a while. Subconsciously you will adjust your thinking processes and avoid gags from occurring.