Getting the Right Frame Size for Our Pictures

For anyone’s life, pictures or photographs are an indispensable part. They are witnesses to special events that we have celebarated in life with friends, family, and golleagues.

They also capture special moments in our lives whether visiting foreign lands during an adventurous trip, or graduating from school, or even just spending good times with loved ones.

While most of our photos are kept and preserved in several photo albums (or maybe on your computer), there are some pictures that are simply too good to keep hidden away from everyone’s view.

These pictures, we proudly show off in picture frames. What are the Standard Picture Frame Sizes that we can choose from? How do we make the right selection?

Getting a Picture Frame

When considering what kind of picture frame to get, more than the design and material of the frame, what we should first focus on is the size of the frame.

Standard Picture Frame usually available in five sizes: 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20.

These Standard Picture Frame Sizes are measured in inches. What we should keep in mind when looking for the right picture frame size is that the measurements are the actual size of the photos and not the frame itself as there is usually a border that comes with the frame.

The borders are not meant to be considered when we are choosing standard picture frame size, rather than the actual space where we will be inserting or placing the photo.

In some other countries, there are other frame dimensions which are likewise considered as Standard Picture Frame Sizes. These include four by ten; five by five; eight by eight; and twenty by twenty-four – still all measured in inches.

Some of these Standard Picture Frame Sizes also come in additional half-inch sizes so we’d best check what photo dimensions we have printed out.

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Other Considerations

There are two additional thing that we need to consider, which are the flexibility of the frames (either horizontally or vertically), and panoramic frames for wide-shot photos.

On the other hand, we will not be hard-up on finding these standard picture frames as these are readily available on the internet if we can’t locate them in regular land-based stores.

By browsing online, we can easily get access to several excellent picture frames and order them online. Once we have received our delivery, we can immediately set-out to place our photos in the frame and display them in plain view for everyone to see and enjoy.

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