Famous sons and daughters of the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is an exciting place to spend some time, and is reflected in the island’s popularity with everyone from residents to tourists. There is masses to get involved with on your holiday, but not all of the people there are tourists. There are famous people out there who make the Isle of Wight their home. Musicians, authors and actors – many of whom were born on the island or who were raised there.

It’s important for them to have a place like the Isle of Wight where they can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and still have the luxury and convenience that comes with city or town life. Part of the allure of the island is the easily accessible transport to and from the mainland via a range of marine services such as the IOW ferry service. This is the essential life-blood of the island for attracting people to the festivals and shows that are part of the annual Isle of Wight events programme. Perhaps the most popular of these is Bestival, which is the island’s premier summer event.

Obtaining both of them, means a marvellous and fulfilling experience on the Isle of Wight. It’s difficult to list everyone who’s famous and who makes the Isle of Wight their home or has made it their home in the past, but here are a few people who are associated with the Isle of Wight in some capacity:

  • Lewis Carroll – Carroll’s writings are still popular today, signifying his talent and ability to tell a story and keep the interest of the reader.
  • John Keats – Many poets and writers like Keats found that the Isle of Wight was a great place to think, dream, and be creative.
  • Karl Marx – the author of ‘the communist manefesto’, was a frequent visitor to the Isle of Wight enjoying the open spaces to think and be creative.
  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson – One more person added to the list of wordsmiths who called the Isle of Wight home.
  • Queen Victoria – She had a part-time residence on the Isle of Wight for some time, where she could be away from court life.
  • Margaret Thatcher – The ex-Conservative Prime minister loved to get away from the pressure of government by holidaying on the island.