Celebrating Womanhood

As women go forth toward the full testament of their goals and dreams (and maybe even the first woman President) we all need to take a little time here and there and evaluate our own sense of womanhood. We can do anything, and sometimes being able to do anything can feel more restrictive than liberating unless you remember to step back and choose from the heart.

When it comes to the minor details, like treating yourself to a beauty perfume for no reason at all, step back and give to yourself. When it comes to the bigger decisions, like that unopened early pregnancy guide that’s been sitting on your desk for how long now, step back and listen to your intuition. And we don’t need to mention the spur of the moment, latest trendy buys on all that fitness equipment that resides where?

As women we often want to know what having it all really means and if our life mandates that we arrive somewhere in order to have it all. We want to be able to chase our bigger dreams and we still want to catch a few stars on a clear night. Today, we get to choose our own style of fulfillment.

It’s not any easier just because we have more choices. Just like anything else in life, having so many choices doesn’t narrow it down to a good choice and a bad choice. There are grades of choices, some better than or equal to others on a different kind of scale.

Being a woman means having choices. That’s what most of us have missed about the idea of having it all. Yes, we can balance career, family, greatness, stardom, and partnerships. The whole point is that we don’t have to. We are evolving and celebrating and learning and we make the choices that seem right to us at the time. When it boils down it, for most things we have the ability to change our minds.

Being a woman means whatever it is you want to define it as, and you get to create, edit, and recreate that definition over and over again through all the stages of life. You are the one who determines where you’ll head next, and how.

Whether we choose to have a sundae with everything or a single scoop of fat free vanilla ice cream, our choices today are completely ours. If there was ever a time that women could celebrate and find themselves, that time is now.