A Unknown Infant Toy Officially Known As Beanie Infant

Child beanies haven’t been around that much since they were “born” only in 1994 when Ty Warner introduced the first kid beanies in the market. Not many people know that a toddler beanie or more officially known as beanie toddler were first made by him. He made the newborn baby beanie to be more lifelike by giving it more air. In other words, there was less stuffing inside each Infant beanie. The usual child toys were stuffed to the hilt and they were stiff. While Ty’s beanie kid was half filled with stuffing and half filled with beans. Hence the name beanie baby. Other competitors sneered and said that his toys would not last long. But exactly the opposite is what happened!

Not much is known how many toddler beanies are totally in existence since there are lines developed that create a family of baby beanies. The most famous is the teddy-bear newborn baby beanie that was created. The basic pattern was just re-used and different colors were utilized to create a family. Different names were given to each teddy bear in keeping with the tradition of having a name. Some teddy bear Infant beanies are usually used for commemmorative uses such as in the Fourth of July or there is a Diana, the Princess of Wales have been made as a commemmorative collector’s item.

However, the official baby beanies were mostly animal shapes such as cats and pigs, dogs and hippopotamuses. These are usually brightly colored and stylized to make them pleasing in the eye. The official newborn baby beanie comes with his or her own name. It has its own date of birth. And most important of all, a short poem that describes its personality.

Inspite of what happened, child beanies are here to stay since babies usually prefer soft  toys that they can easily hug and bite and hold easily in their hand.  Toddler beanies need not be in the same family of toddler beanies to be appreciated. A colllection of Infant beanies show the kind of personality the toddler has  or it speaks the kind of personality the giver has.

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