Working Out At Home Saves Money & Time

The other day I started adding up the amount of money I spent on me and my wive’s gym membership and I was amazed at the amount it really costs. Over the last two years I’ve actually spent more than 00 on our gym memberships! I then realized that if we were members at the gym for a full decade that we would spend over 000 and that’s even if the price doesn’t go up which it likely will!

I then started to think about how much time we waste driving to and from the gym. It takes us 20 minutes to drive to the gym and of course another 20 minutes to drive back. Instead of sitting in a car for those 40 minutes we should instead be spending that time doing something constructive. And of course this drive is often used as an excuse not to go work out. It’s also economically, and environmentally for that matter, important to consider the amount of gas spent on these trips to and from the gym!

Considering all of these things it became clear to me that a home gym such as the Total Gym XLS was a really good idea despite the fact that they may seem really expensive at first. For example if I spend 00 on it and use it for 10 years, I’ve actually saved ,500 in comparison to a gym membership and that’s not even considering all of the saved gas money!

And with a home gym I no longer have any excuse not to work out so that leads to more working out which of course leads to a higher fitness level. I do my muscle building exercise with my Total Gym XLS and then I rely on my Wii Fit for my cardiovascular exercise. And the Wii Fit really is as much fun as it looks, I think you should try it if you haven’t yet.

I should mention, while I’m on this topic of fitness, that if you really want to lose weight fast you shouldn’t depend only on exercise. It’s a very good idea to begin a diet plan too. I don’t believe in the fairy tale that you can lose weight quickly by doing just exercise or by doing just dieting, you need to do both. The dieting approach that I suggest you try is the Day Off Diet plan. I recommend it because it’s easy to follow and it’s also extremely effective.